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Dress your best for Champs Elysees clubs
Champs Elysees
2009-07-31 09:12:40
Nightlife Infos
For cosmopolitan clubbing, the Champs Elysées district is still the main glamour party. Join a dressed-up Parisian crowd in the gilded Opéra Garnier for classical ballet and opera but for intimate night spots, relax in Châtelet’s bar-lined rue des Lombards. Take a seat at the opera or bar-hop for live jazz.
Dress your best for Champs Elysees clubs
Dress your best for exclusive Champs Elysees clubs or chill with a young crowd around Bastille.
For cosmopolitan clubbing, the Champs Elysées district is still the main glamour party. Join a dressed-up Parisian crowd in the gilded Opéra Garnier for classical ballet and opera but for intimate night spots, relax in Châtelet’s bar-lined rue des Lombards. Take a seat at the opera or bar-hop for live jazz.
Paris provides its tourists the best of amusement. made you a short Nightlife list. You should not miss once in Paris, according to your style.

Bars & Pubs -- These "imported" places try to imitate American cocktail bars or British pubs mostly creating an outside atmosphere in Paris, but that doesn't prevent fashionable Parisians from barhopping (not to be confused with cafe-sitting). Many bars in Paris are youth-oriented. But if you're an older traveler who prefers to take your expensive drink in one of the grand-luxe bars of the world, Paris has those as well.
The bars Plaza Athénée or Ritz, for example, are among the grandest in the world and provide a uniquely Parisian experience for those who want to done their finest apparel and take along a gold-plated credit card. In general, bars and pubs are open daily from 11am to 1:30am.

Popular areas

Popular areas include Montmartre (especially in summer), Sacre-Coeur and Bastille, which is full of clubs and bars. The younger crowd tend to head for Oberkampf, which is becoming increasingly fashionable.
The opera, the theatre or cafes where live music is being played are just some of the quieter night outing options. Good music venues are found in the Pigalle area, which happens to be Paris’s seedy sex center. Another great place for cafés in the evenings is the Marais district.


*Champs Elysees: Exclusive Glamour

Dressed up and designer clubbing is drawn to the Champs-Elysées area, where leading venues include the exclusive Le Baron (where just getting past the doormen is a coup). An older crowd consume bubbly at the classic Lido cabaret.
You should wear proper clothes in order to not being turned away form the door. We recommend shoes and never sneakers as the first care.

Night clubbing at Champs-Elysées

Le Queen
Finding a sofa in its VIP area provides a little respite from the frenzied dance floor. It’s the biggest House club in Paris. The VIP section is fine and the champagne is amazing.
Station: Geroge V ( line 1)

Le Baron
The trend in Paris is the lots of very stylish, beautiful and even famous well dressed people. We have to somehow find a way to compete with them when hitting the clubs. . At this tiny club in the 8th, you’re definitely going to have to look your best to get in the door (there is limited room inside).
Once you’ve made it past those pearly gates, the atmosphere is welcoming. The club hosts both some of city’s best DJs as well as featuring live music acts and stars like Bjork and Sofia Coppola have frequented this hot spot.

A night clubbing on the feet of Champs Elysees and under the Alexandre III bridge in Paris 8th.
Architecture out of the ordinary, a place unique to its situation and its large volume to listen and attend concerts of the young French scene. It is a popular place where you often find the "after-parties" of the big concerts in Paris as well as evenings clubbing. Great music in this place in Paris on the banks of the Seine. The Showcase welcomes groups and electronic hip-hop trendy. To get there, you first must go down the stone stairs on the sides of the Alexandre III bridge, right bank side, a few meters from the Grand and Petit Palais. The total area of this place is 1 800 m2; you're not gonna be alone there ...
Station : Champs-Elysées-Clémenceau (line 1)

*Bastille: Young Crowd

A young, trendy crowd is partying around Bastille and along the rue de Lappe, rue des Taillandiers, rue de Charonne and rue de la Roquette (near metros Bastille, Voltaire and Ledru Rollin).
Stop for a sangria in the Barrio Latino to see the Gustave Eiffel-designed interior.

Barrio Latino
This club located near the Bastille in Paris is a great place to have a few drinks and dance when your agenda may not include nights out partying until 5 am. This bar closes at 2 am, meaning even if you are having a great time into those early morning hours, you’re still going to have to leave Barrio Latino. This multi-story club with wrought iron ceilings, dimly light red lighting (which makes everyone look better) and velvet ceilings give it a rich, warm feel. The crowd here varies from office workers grabbing a few cocktails to students wanting to dance. This was one of the best places in Paris to enjoy a night out without spending most of the next day recuperating
Hours: 11 am-2 am
Address: 46 Rue du Faubourg, St Antoine, Paris 75011
Station: Bastille (lines 1 and 5)

SanZ SanS
SanZ SanS is one of the best spots to hit with a wide variety of great music keeping people winding and grinding to funk, Latin and hip-hop. This club is also a great place to escape the house and techno beats that so many of the other Parisian clubs bump all night. It also has a great pink modern baroque design scheme and a slightly more laid back clientele.
Hours: Sunday-Thurs 9 pm-2 am
Fri-Sat 9 pm-5 am
Address: 49, rue du Fbg-St-Antoine, Paris 75011
Station: Bastille (lines 1 and 5)

*Marais : Mixed Crowd

The Marais welcomes gay or straight revellers. Sophisticated but relaxed, it's a popular choice with 30-somethings and media types.
*Monmartre Pigalle: Red Light and Bohemian Life

Pigalle is reliably sleazy, although home to the glittery Moulin Rouge cabaret. The district smartens up along rue des Abesses, which is dotted with laid-back little bars.

Bus Palladium
This club was once THE spot for yeye music (a popular type of Rock-inspired music in 1960s France) and the club still has a retro 1960s look with varnished hardwoods and fabric covered walls. However, this rock-n-roll temple, which consists of a single room with a very long bar, is a great place to escape the house/dance/techno beats you hear in most French nightclubs and even better yet, women drink for free on Tuesdays.
Hours: 11pm-6 am
Address: 6, rue Fontaine, Paris 75009
Stations: Blanche( line2) or Pigalle ( lines 2 and 12)

Chatelet: animated , dynamic, downtown


If you want to have at least one posh night out in Paris, Kong is definitely the place to go. Not only does this Japanese-inspired club have stunning views of the Parisian skyline, but it was also designed by famous French designer Philippe Stack. The club is made of almost all glass and sits out on the Seine near Pont-Neuf. Even if you aren’t a big party girl or guy, this is a spot that’s even worthwhile during the day for the views. That being said, you can imagine what the views are like at night in the aptly named City of Lights. This glamorous club has a model clientele is always full of beautiful, stylish people—so make sure you dress to impress. Entry is competitive here, but if you want a shot at a glam Paris night, rubbing elbows with beautiful people while taking in great views (and sipping grossly overpriced cocktails) this is the place to go.
Hours: Thurs-Sat Noon- 2am
Address: 1 Rue du Pont-Neuf, Paris 75001
Station: Pont-Neuf ( Line 9)

*After Hours
Many night spots such as Les Folies Pigalle, Maxims, Bobino etc. transform into afterhours clubs as the night progresses - so they can change from traditional ‘night spots’ for tourists into very “non traditional” clubs by the time the sun comes up.

Last Tips:

*Tickets -- Paris has many ticket agencies, most near the Right Bank hotels. Avoid them if possible. You can buy the cheapest tickets at the box office of the theater or at discount agencies that sell tickets at discounts of up to 50%.
One is the Kiosque Théâtre, 15 place de la Madeleine, 8e (no phone;; Station: Madeleine - lines 8, 12 and 14), offering leftover tickets for about half-price on the day of performance. Tickets for evening performances are sold Tuesday to Saturday from 12:30 to 8pm. For matinees, tickets are sold Saturday from 12:30 to 2pm and Sunday from 12:30 to 4pm. Other branches are in the basement of the Châtelet-Les Halles -station 1, 4, 7, 11, 14, A, D and E -and in front of Gare Montparnasse- lines 4, 6, 12 and 13.
Students with ID can often get last-minute tickets by applying at the box office an hour before curtain time.
The easiest (and most expensive) way to get tickets, especially if you're staying in a first-class or deluxe hotel, is to ask your concierge to arrange for them. A service fee is added, but it's a lot easier if you don't want to waste precious hours in Paris trying to secure often hard-to-get tickets.
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